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Preparations for the papal visit in Şumuleu-Ciuc (Csíksomlyó) are running

Preparations for the papal visit in Şumuleu-Ciuc (Csíksomlyó) are running 

The details of the Pope's schedule in Şumuleu-Ciuc (Csíksomlyó) are expected to be published by the Holy See around Easter. In order to estimate the number of participants, the parishes within the Archdiocese of Alba Iulia (Gyulafehérvár) started to assess in the first round the number of groups and of visitors expected to arrive in Şumuleu-Ciuc (Csíksomlyó).
The organizers have sent this request to the other Transylvanian dioceses and to the Hungarian Catholic Bishops' Conference. This preliminary assessment is necessary to enable the organizing committee to develop the sectors, the loudspeakers, the projection and security measures with the involvement of professionals. One will most likely have to register online for the papal visit. The registration will be free of charge, its aim is to facilitate the division of sectors. Volunteers will help participants in orientation. 
Pope Francis will arrive around noon, on 1st June to Şumuleu-Ciuc (Csíksomlyó) and will spend there approximately 5 hours. The Holy Father will hold the Holy Mass in Latin, and the Sermon in Italian, which will be simultaneously translated into Hungarian. You can follow the papal speech in Romanian and English over the phone. The programme guide of the papal visit is already in the making, containing the whole programme and including the text of the Holy Mass and also the songs.
Source: Hargita TV, Máriarádió.hu

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